Jacob Duarte Spiel grew up wanting to be a doctor but then he got a C (one C) in a third-year immunology class and everything changed.

Since then, he’s dedicated himself to the craft of writing. But not just one genre or medium: Jacob prides himself on writing everything.

He’s now a 4-time Canadian Screen Award nominee for his TV work, winner of the 2020 Audioverse Award for fiction podcast writing, and a senior copywriter for a top 10 B2B ad agency. Along the way, he’s also written videogames, webcomics, commercials, short films, digital sketch comedy, writing workshops, a TV docuseries, a nature show, and hundreds upon hundreds of satirical news articles. 

His career highlights include: serving as a founder and senior editor of The Beaverton (Canada’s most popular comedy site) at age 21, co-creating The Beaverton TV series 4 years later, and co-creating Wrong Station (Canada’s most popular horror audio drama).

He’s currently developing a sitcom, a medical procedural, and a horror film, along with a workshop aimed at helping writers overcome writer’s block.

But while he loves working on his own projects, Jacob is just as excited about working for other dedicated creatives to help realize their goals. Just ask him!

In his spare time, Jacob enjoys reading, nature photography, making little videogames, and baking delicious treats for his co-workers (another reason to hire him).

Oh, and he still graduated with a BSc in immunology. He just doesn’t use it.

Jacob Duarte Spiel Portrait - jacobduartespiel.com